Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday Blues

Today was still cloudy and on the chilly side. I had some severe headaches and tingling feeling in my face and arm back in December. That is when I decided to be more conscious about my diet. I don't get headaches. But last night the tingling came back. I have been averaging 5 headaches a month. But when the tingling came back I called the Dr. Went in and they did a bunch of neurological physical tests. Because this is my 2nd attempt at going with the same problems they scheduled an MRI. But I have to wait 3 days to schedule it. Kaiser is so weird with their ways. Anyways, maybe there is a chemical imbalance of some kind. At least we didn't cancel insurance yet, cause that is an expensive test. Rest of day was kind of boring and blah--laundry, housework, and yada yada. ON A MORE HAPPY NOTE I HAVE LOST 13 POUNDS!


Wife said...

Sorry to hear about the tingling. But congrats on the weight loss!

Mama of two hapas said...

Most likely both things are caused by tension...tingling in the arm/hands can definitely be caused by a "pinched" nerve in the neck (muscles tight, pinches nerve), and neck tension causes headaches. also, do you clench or grind your teeth? Can cause facial tingling/headaches, too! Probably need a night guard...doubt you need an MRI! My guess is the test will be normal! Don't worry and try to RELAX!!! Get a massage!