Saturday, April 21, 2007

Living the VivaVegas

So, here we are in Sin City Las Vegas. So much has changed since I have been here 5 years ago. Newer fancier hotels, homes, and buildings. Loving the Holiday inn express. Such luxory. Coffee in room, yummy breakfast, fridge, comfy beds, free internet! Didn't have such a fun time at motel 6 on Thursday night. NO HOT WATER! When we checked out they said they were aware of the problem for a week. I said we would be contacted the manager. That just SUCKS! Totally felt violated and cheated. Anyways, we are having a blast. All the cousins have such fun and get along. We already walked through several of the nice hotels on the stip. I don't have a desire to play or gamble anymore. We did have to walk through the casinos while we were scouting and the feeling is sooo different when you have kids. I felt like we were getting starred at and I felt guilty for bringing the kids through there. Emeline and Ryan were so attracted to the lights and sounds and had a hard time understanding that only grown ups could play. We are off to the b-day party for Ella now. Tonight we will just hang out and enjoy all the peeps. It is sunny here but not warm enough to swim. :0( Gotta run.

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