Monday, April 23, 2007

Home at Last

Well, we are back from our jaunt to Vegas. I think the drive coming home was definitely LONGER then the trip to Vegas. We left SD to Vegas around 4 and left Vegas to SD around the same time frame. We only made 3 stops compared to the 5 it took to get there. We also had blustery winds, rain, and traffic. Also, I was in the front seat going there. On the drive home we had Courtney with us. I was able to sit in the back to monitor and mediate the kiddies. They had a big bag of toys and things to do, but they needed someone to show and play with them.

The best part of the trip was Ella's birthday party. Thank you again Valerie for the yummy Rubio food. I loved the lemon cake too! The kids really had a blast at the park! It was fun to break away from the normal routines and "get away." Hope everyone had a safe trip back!

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tiffany said...

That lemon cake was so yummy. I'm glad you guys came was fun.