Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rain, Wind, Sun, and the Merry Maid

Woke up to a steady down pour of rain, but headed back to dreamland. Upon awakening for the 2nd time another steady down pour. Was a bit on the chilly and windy side too. What a sigh of relief when the sun shone through and dried up all the rain and everything! Kids were able to have some time outdoors. I was the merry maid today and did all the laundry (3 loads), vacuumed, washed the kitchen floor, and did a bit of baking--desert for tomorrows dinner. It's a surprise!!!! Oh yeah, made a quick trip to Ralphs for some yummy breakfast items. I usually don't like going to Ralphs but my instincts lead me there. Everything I bought was on sale and I saved 8 bucks! Wow. Good intuition! Just gave all kiddies a bath--I love it when they are clean and smell of baby soap! Noah is ready to get out of his bath playtime, I need to eat and fix supper. Hope your day was prosperous and productive too! Cheerio!

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