Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Fun With Cousins

More fun and good times today. Met at Balboa park and had a lovely picnic lunch. Unfortunately it was rainy and a tad overcast. But once everyone arrived by noon enough sun came out for us to enjoy our picnic food. Thank you Jesus for the sunshine! When we were full and content we went to play at the Science Center. The cousins had a blast viewing tornadoes, pendulums, experiments with air and vacuums, making music, grocery shopping, and computer games. After our science fun we went to the tide pools. It was perfect because the tide was low and the kids were able to see all kinds of critters and sea life. They all said the best part was when a crab peed on cousin Ryan! It started to sprinkle and rain again so we had to leave. Some of us headed to In and Out to eat fries and burgers for dinner. To end our day we hung out at the B. grandparents to play and share about all our fun! Once again we are tired and heading home to bed. Noah is stating he wants to go home to "Paco's house." Thanks very very much to Vangie for being our chauffeur for the day!


Shadow eX said...

I love that science center. i could stay there all day :)

Mama of two hapas said...

You guys sound like you're having too much fun! It's not fair...I'm still working!

Wife said...

We had to much fun yesterday!! Nicholas kept talking about it with his dad. Thank you for an excuse to get out of work =)