Monday, March 26, 2007

Kids say the Darndest Things...

Do you guys remember a while back they used to have a TV show with Bill Cosby called "Kids say the darndest things?" It is so true. I need to have a journal going of all the things my kiddies come out with. Anyways... Here were some of my favorite from this past weekend.

Noah had gotten a toy from the 25 cent machine, a rubber bouncy ball. On the way home he announces, "Eww. My ball smells like diaper." Hahahhahh!

Emeline was visiting grandma K. and while they were in the midst of playing, Emeline goes up to grandma and says, "Grandma did you know that you have to obey?"

Emeline was talking about nanay to A. Grace and again to grandma K. The topic of death and seeing Nanay again when Jesus comes. In both conversations she says, "How come Jesus is not here yet? Why is Jesus taking so long to come."

We were discussing about being kind during our nightly devotion and Noah says, "I pulled the kitty tail and made him meow. I was kind to the kitty mommy."

Would love to hear some of your darndest kid sayings!!!!!!

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Chris said...

That's one of the things that makes kids so great.