Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Hump Day Yea!

Well, today I was up at 4. Been having some sleep problems. I sleep for about 4 great hours of deep sleep, then keep waking up and never fall into that deep sleep anymore. It really bugs. But I did get LOTS accomplished. I finally got to read my devotion book. Then I asked God to show me who to write or contact through mail. In order to work on my patience problem and anger management(I know it seems like I don't loose my cool but I do). I typed and posted all kinds of positive affirmations and bible verses around the house. Made whole wheat bread and banana muffins for breakfast. My absolute favorite time of day is doing preschool with the kids! We ventured out into the backyard and played and cleaned up after our wind storm yesterday. We continued our venture to the front yard where the kids rode their bikes. Noah found a ladybug and what a thrill it was to watch it climb up and down our arms. We finally set it free on a dandelion bush where it scurried out of site. After lunch we played with the art academy hair salon play dough from A. Grace. Emeline did some in her Kindergarten readiness book while I read to Noah. I am so happy they have such a thrill for books! Later we will play and sing with the karaoke. I plan to make a nice healthy stir fry tofu and veggie dish for dinner. Whew. It was a long but happy day!

Kid saying of the day: Noah woke up with a slight stuffy nose. I asked him if he was sick and had a cold. He said, "No mommy, just the boogers are sick."


Chris said...

Umm...stir fry tofu.

happymom said...

Yes, you just fry it in some olive oil with a little seasame oil and soy souce.