Sunday, February 25, 2007

Whew...Got a Break

A HUGE THANKS to Auntie Grace, Auntie April, and Jada for letting Noah tag along with you at the baby shower. I feel bad because Emeline is so social, has lots of friends, and gets to do more stuff. Noah is more shy and quiet and doesn't have many friends or gets to get out into the social realm as much as Emeline. He was very excited to be going this morning. He and Jada are developing a special bond as cousins. So glad he was able to have fun today. I missed my baby boy tons!!! However, watching 2 toddlers I rarely get much done. Today I accomplished washing all 4 comforters, washing the kitchen and floor, vacuuming, doing preschool with Emeline, and cooking an Adventist roast for dinner! Noah is home now and we are a happy fam! Gonna eat and have family time!


grace said...

thanks for letting noah come with us. he was a lot of fun. i guess he's beginning to like more because he wanted me to carry him at the party

Wife said...

I'm glad I got to see Noah too yesterday. He was sooo sweet and actually talked to me when I asked him questions. Usually, he would just run away. But I think he was very happy to be there.