Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sleeping Beauties

I usually wake up first each day. The scene yesterday morning was so precious it brought tears of joy and happiness to my eyes. Emeline was sleeping with Paco beside her. The dog was tucked sweetly under her arm with blankets pulled over him. He looked like a dolly. Noah was on the other side of Paco curled into fetal position and also hugging Paco. Too bad I didn't have the camera available. During their waking hours, the kids enjoyed making cookie cutouts out of pancakes. We baked fresh bread and brownies. The rest of the day I spent entertaining and keeping the peace. For those of you who have COX cable listen up. I found that on the On Demand channel under the "Free Zone" are all kinds of fitness workout videos. We do the kids walk and step in place one as part of our daily routines. The kids love it! And I get in some quality excising as well! The rest of the hours of the day I felt like the time out police. Noah seems to be maturing in his behavior and Emeline regressing. Hmm. It felt so wonderful to hit the hay before 10 p.m.

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bondservant_of_jesus said...

Cool, I can leave comments now. I bet Emeline and Noah are growing up quick.