Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This and That

So I have had 4 interviews now and all negative, de nada NO"S. Been picking up an average one sub job a week, sometimes two. Exhausted though. Teaching special ed is definitely more physical and challenging. But I love it!!!! Most class sizes are 12 or less, and lots of aide help. Definitely gaining more exposure and contact leads wherever I go. So for now I am happy. I kind of like just working 1 or 2 days a week. Since I am the one who does most to all of the household duties and keeps the family functioning it is a nice balance of work and home. In other news...

Noah messed up his face 2 times within a weeks time trying to be cool and ride uncum Jig's skateboard. Judah has been riding since very little, and I think Noah just wanted to be like his cousin, but is not so coordinated on the board. He got a nasty scrape on his face, then a week later split open his chin. Needless to say our summer fun is gone since it takes ten days for the adhesive and glue to dissolve. No more swimming, water, or outdoor sports.

Emeline's piano is such fun. I love playing the duets. However she is getting harder and real songs now, and if she can't play it correctly the first time gets into quite a hissy fit. I took her to the salon to trim 4 inches off her hair so she is fresh and cute looking for school. Daddy didn't approve, but oh well.

Shimmer is such a sweetie and I just love her so much. I finally got over my allergies and so am enjoying her so so much. The kids are having fun with her too. A pet that is active and can play and interact, is so fun.

And that is all for now. Kids start school Monday and I am not planning to work anymore till after they start so I can have everything in order and ready for them.

Chow for now.

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maybe strawberry said...

oh poor Noah! i saw the first scrape on his chin at shelter island. i'm guessing this new one is worse. hope it heals up soon.

when i played the piano, i loved the duets too. there's something about playing music with others-it's a lot of fun...something like dancing, there's a rhythm, something so natural it is so easy to really get into it. but i know Emeline is a perfectionist, i hope she doesn't get discouraged when she is learning something difficult.

i'm sure it's an exciting week with Noah starting K and Emeline going back! they are lucky to have you home right now