Monday, July 12, 2010

Still here

Ok well, it makes me feel good and I do have a few readers so I will keep this blog. Plus it is a good place to share more personal mommy thoughts and happenings then I can on FB.

Had a great birthday. Ate out at Chuck E. Cheese on my real day with the kids. I love their pizza. Then shopped for school stuff for the kids. Hubby got off and we rented some movies and just chilled. That is all I wanted was to eat and hang with my favorite people. Friday night I ate out at Olive Garden with my folks. Fun food and good times. Then Saturday I spent with the Barizo family. Ate lunch at Soup Plantation and thank you Grace for the delicious chocolate cheesecake. Enjoyed evening fun at Aprils. I felt full, special, and happy.

Sunday was spent doing a huge grocery trip to both Costco and Henry's. It is summer and time to blend fresh smoothies! We needed lots of frozen and fresh stuff. I love a packed fridge! Took the kids to a swimming party and did laundry rest of the day.

Today I woke up with body aches and massive headache. I think just from pure exhaustion. Feeling slightly better and may take a dip in our backyard pool later. So happy the sun has decided to shine after a week of gloom. Also, after the massive amounts of applications I have been doing I got a call back! I have an interview Thursday. Praise the Lord. Will keep you posted.

Happy week to all!


maybe strawberry said...

yay! glad you are still here. i'm happy you had several days of birthday fun. good seeing your family on Sabbath. i hope you are feeling better today. yesterday i spent a lot of time sorting baby clothes. i'm going again today to sort baby boy clothes for apes baby.

we'll be praying for you on thursday for your interview

sunshine said...

Just found out I have an interview Friday too for another district. Will tell you all about them hopefully by the weekend.

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Hope you're feeling better. Everyone but me has a fever at our home! :) Hopefully we're all better by Friday!