Monday, March 29, 2010

This and That

Another gorgeous weekend! Enjoyed more time with family. Kids got to have a spring break sleepover. Thanks auntie April!

Emeline had to return to school, but Noah and I are off still. This week I get the privilege and to return the favor to April by watching her kiddos and puppy for 3 days this week. Today went pretty smoothly. The kids are big and independent and get along quite nicely together.

Please keep the Ma family in prayer. Peter, the dad was a coworker of my dad's who retired. He has been battling kidney problems for some time now and the family just took him off dialysis. He has less then 24 hours. We visited them this weekend. So so sad. He is only a year younger then my dad. They have 3 kids all the same ages as my brother, sister, and I. We all played together when we were younger. They also lost one of their sons in a tragic accident a few years back.

On the upside, 1 renter will be staying, so we only need to find 1 more. Also, another preschool class may open up which would give me possible work for 2o more days to wrap up this year. Still searching and applying for permanent work, but until the districts solve some of their issues, still unknown at this time. Until then, I have been enjoying having my days free and tackling some back burner projects.

Happy week and April!

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maybe strawberry said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your family's friend. how sad!

good seeing you this weekend! and i am very happy to hear one of your renters is staying