Sunday, March 14, 2010


Happy birthday today to Auntie Grace!!!!!

So today was bright and warm!!!! Hooray! The time changed but I like the spring ahead time. Just means spring is almost here! My favorite seasons are spring and summer! I love love love the sun!

Well the last half of the week was definitely better then the beginning. I am up to 6 students now! More are touring and beginning probably after spring break. It is challenging teaching 3-5 year olds but when they have physical disabilities it is even more harder, but oh so rewarding. Some of my kids are really very bright, just their physical bodies don't cooperate. My sub assignment is supposed to end on Tuesday, and I am hoping they haven't found anyone yet so I can stay till June. I had a parent donate 20 boxes of fresh cut mangos from Costco, because they were so impressed with me and my staff! I love happy parents!

My own daughter surprised me this week during supper when she announced she is now vegetarian! I mean we do eat chicken and beef but have cut way back. I guess the Adventist school and health message she is receiving there is well worth the money. So, the rest of us will become full veggie too! Back to the books and trying to be creative! I am proud of her though. Being 7 and understanding the importance of good and healthy choices.

Remo is up to working 6 hours a day now and feeling good so far. It has been so nice that he can drive and help take care of the kids in the mornings!!!!

A Polish care giver who is 44 has been hired for my grandma. My mom will train her over the next 2 weeks and then be flying home at the end of the month. Her siblings feel good about the decision and I pray it will work out. My grandma didn't want to pay someone to live there, but you can't take your money to the grave. She still gets her freedom and to be in her own home.

This is the last week before spring break. It is going to be a long one but a much anticipated one! I am celebrating a day of green on the 17th in honor of St. Patrick's Day! Should be fun!


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Glad the situation with your Grandma is working out. It's nice she can stay in her home. Hope it lasts for her. We're having definite signs of spring around here, too. I didn't really appreciate spring until I moved to winter. LOL! I love when everything is coming alive again. It's so beautiful. Ryan says he's going veggie every once in a while, but it doesn't last long. Ella is a natural carnivore, but I hesitate to tell her no. First she doesn't understand all the bigger implications, and second, her weight is only in the 5th percentile right now. She's too skinny to tell her she can't eat something that she likes.

maybe strawberry said...

i hope you stay til June too. let us know if they keep you on. that is so nice that, that parent made it known that he appreciated you. many times people only take time to complain about employees and forget to say when an employee is doing good.

that's so interesting about Emeline that she wants to be vegetarian.

glad remo is well enough to work longer hours.