Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blue Week

All E's second quarter in a row!!! (Means doing very well)
Noah is very excited to be learning and writing letters! So am I! :)

So this week of rain has got me feeling the blues. Too much water all at once is something we are not used to or prepared for here in Cali. Boo hoo, I miss my sun so bad.

Kids have been going to school. Noah is loving his tiny tot class. I hear him talking about "my school" to Emeline. He won't learn with me, but is doing great with others. Hey that is ok. He will be more ready for real school come fall. Emeline got all her make up work done finally. She collected stuff around the house to donate to the Hatii families. She will be sharing a magic trick for Show and Tell tomorrow.

Remo started a new and earlier shift. He now gets off by 10 pm. His dinner is at 5 so I try and plan for us all to eat then. It is nice to see him a bit more and go to bed with him.

I am a bit discouraged about the job outlook. I get another degree and things are not looking so good. I am sick sick sick of school. I have all the qualifications to work and would much rather just do that. Can't do both, I am burned out! I need to make a decision by February. I have not put myself on the sub list yet, but will starting next week. We need the $$$ and by stopping school will need to begin paying off loans. Decisions decisions.....

Looking forward to the weekend and hopefully clear and brighter skies.


maybe strawberry said...

yeah, it's a lot of rain for us southern califoria one time we thought living in southern washington might be nice and that we wouldn't mind the days and days of rain. i like the rain but i don't think i would like to have more than a week of rain at a time. i like to go outside and not get wet.

glad to hear your kids are doing so well in school and how nice for you to get to spend more time with remo.

sorry about being burnt out with both school and work, i know it must be hard

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Just get school won't ever get any easier to finish.

The rain and constant gray skies is why I HATED Portland. At least in Boise we get sun during the winter once in a while. Yesterday it was almost 60 degrees at lunchtime and sunny! Today it's snowing, but oh, is only January. I knew it was too early for spring. ;)