Thursday, December 17, 2009

Anniversary Bliss

So, they did not ask me to stay and tomorrow will be my last day to sub at my assignment. I am a bit sad but mostly glad. I so need a break and what a nice one teachers get 3 weeks for Christmas. That is a huge plus to being a teacher are the wonderful breaks. I will still be in the sub system and can work as little or as much as a want. Maybe just once a week just to keep myself open and out there. My family needs me and I really really want to get my masters done and finished. So very sick of going to school and not seeing results. Financial aid finally kicked in right before the holidays. Yes. Emeline did great on her class performance tonight. She is so very grown up and I can't believe I will be a mom of a 7 year old. Wow. I am still up making a lasagna. Still have to do laundry and pack suitcases.

The kids will be sharing sleep overs at each of the grandparents. And I get my hubby all to myself this weekend. We will be honeymooning all over again!!! Sad how in 10 years we have never ever gone away for the whole weekend alone!!! Happy weekend!!


maybe strawberry said...

wendy, enjoy your weekend!! glad you are getting a break. and how about Paco? were you able to find a babysitter. if we were in SD right now we would have loved to babysit for you

Mama Bear said...

Happy Anniversary!!! 10 years? WOW! Hope you enjoyed your adult only weekend.