Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tough Decisions

So my parents will be flying out to NJ tomorrow to see grandma (my mom's mom). My mom's sister is flying tonight. My mom's brother will fly out soon too. Grandma did break her hip. The whole hip doesn't need replacing, just a screw to fix the break. However due to her age and her platelet count being so low there is a possibility she may not come out of the surgery. But if she doesn't have the surgery she will be bed ridden and in alot of pain. The doctors say she needs 24/7 care. She won't be able to live alone anymore. Lots of big decisions to be made. Pray for my mom and her siblings for patience and wisdom and guidance as they discuss options and what to do. Thanks. It has been so hard for me to focus on my final projects for school at this time too, but I must pull it together for my own kids and my school kids for another week. Looking forward to attending a bridal shower for my sister this weekend in Corona. :)


tiffany said...

Yipe. You're right, tough decisions. Praying for your family. Have fun at the shower! Post pictures. =)

maybe strawberry said...

how is everything now with your grandma?

i hope you had a nice time at keri's bridal shower!