Thursday, July 9, 2009

Week in a Wrap

Thanks so much auntie Grace for inviting us to your place to watch the fireworks!! Now that the kids are not scared it was so nice to experience them up close. It was a good show. Thanks for providing good eats too! Fun times.

Sunday I had a very nice homey party for me. I love to eat and requested people to bring picnic type foods. Then we set up 3 pools for the different aged cousins and adults to enjoy. Another fun day!

This week the kids will wrap up there final swimming lessons for this summer. They both have improved and done well. They are fearless of the water and I am more at ease knowing they have the skills needed to be in deep water. Emeline also began a soccer fitness class. She surprised me with how coordinated she is with dribbling and control of the ball. Perhaps this will lead to a more professional league thing later. Who knows. She is so tired after it. Lots of physical activity.

I am so happy with my new bike. I try and ride a few minutes every day with the kids.

Out of the blue the Human Resource department called for San Diego City Schools. They were looking over my resume. I called them back but we keep playing phone tag. I really wasn't ready to think of returning to the work force until next year, but who knows. If I were to get a job now due to the economy and all I think I will just take it. It would be God's blessing and doing. It is exciting to know that I am being sought after anyways.

So looking forward to the weekend and a chance to unwind from the busy pace. I appreciate the business of the summer and our schedule, but it wipes me out completely. Better busy then bickering though. Happy weekend all.

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maybe strawberry said...

wow wendy, that is so great that you are already being sought after!! let us know how that goes.

we had a great time at your party. thanks!! i'll try to burn the pictures for you sometime this week.

i wish you had your camera. i would love to see pictures of emeline, the little soccer player, in action.