Friday, July 3, 2009

This and That

We seem to have misplaced our camera and therefore I can't post any more pictuers of our trip. Please pray we can find it.

I feel so bad for my hubby lately. Cox has mandatory overtime for all tech employees. He now only gets 1 full day off a week, he works 6. They say there will be incentives, but so far we haven't seen anything. Just thankful he has a job, but it puts extra strain on the rest of us too, as we miss our daddy.

I have found that the only way to keep the kids from bickering is to keep them busy this summer. They love swimming and we are on our second set of lessons. They also swim every afternoon in our backyard pool. I signed Emeline up for a soccer fit class cause it was free that starts next week. We also go to the library weekly and are participating in the summer read a thon. Keeping busy is great, but so exhausting. Guess I need to change my exerise routine or step it up. I want to start jogging. We have decided to become a biking fam. We just got Emeline a new bike. I am still researching, but will get a beach cruiser soon for my birthday. Noah is not ready yet and will continue to practice on his trike . Daddy just got himself an electric scooter. We just ordered the parts to install a hitch and rack to our car. There are so many nice places to ride in SD. I am so excited for this new exercise venue for our fam.

Don't have any major plans for the 4th except to see the fireworks live somewhere this year now that my kids are not scared. Sunday I am having a picnic pool get together at our place to celebrate my soon to be birthday. Have safe and happy 4th of July. Happy birthday USA!


tiffany said...

Its great that you are able to keep the kids so busy. Have a great 4th!

monkeyballsblitz said...

I lost my 2nd video camera! I swear I used it at my parents but can't find it anywhere. Glad you found the bike you want.

maybe strawberry said...

sorry about the mandatory overtime. i remember those days! SO GLAD i don't work in tech support anymore. but be thankful there is no possibility of being laid off when there is lots of work to do and plus he'll get extra money. but yeah, working 6 days a week must SUCK otherwise!!

if you have no other place to go, we would like to invite you (or anyone else who is reading this blog) over to our place for the 4th...we have fireworks right on top of us in mira mesa. they always do big things for each holiday...they have street fairs and close off parts of mira mesa blvd in the morning for parade. but we always miss it because we are down south for sabbath. peter and i only stayed home once for the 4th and we could see the fireworks from our house but we walked to the baseball field to watch them from there.