Friday, February 27, 2009


So glad Friday and another weekend is here.  I have been so sluggish and so so exhausted this week.  The last 2 nights I have gone to bed after 8 too.  No energy and just feel like doing nothing.  But course being a mom and student there is never a chance to just do nothing.  I am such a procrastinator too.  I haven't done anything for my class this week.  I do love Fridays.  Family time. Even if it is a chore day, at least we are all home together.  I have been enjoying some much needed quality time with my husband this week.  I think it all started on Sunday when he had to wear a tux.  We have had a burst of renewed communication and giddy lovey duvey fun like when we were dating.   I am not just talking about in bed, however we have scored a record breaker on that one.  I am jealous that my parents will be flying to Hawaii tomorrow.  I have yet to see the islands.  I wish them a fun and wonderful relaxing trip.  Guilt is creeping in so I better go finish a few things so I can have a great weekend.  Happy weekend to all.

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maybe strawberry said...

ha ha ha!! i'm sure you had fun breaking your record!! isn't it funny how we like our husbands in tuxes, but as soon as they are on, we want the off. ha ha!!

so sorry you are sick! we missed you today. i hope you got to rest today and that you feel better soon