Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wow Moments

I had Saturday school yesterday. It was the teacher's birthday. This is the hard core lady. I got a B+ from her last time. I rallied the class into providing snacks. But I really went out of my way to excuse me "kiss ass." I BAKED banana bread, bought a table cloth for the table, and Mickey mouse napkins (cause that is the teacher's favorite). She loved the bread and kept eating it more above all the store bought stuff. She even asked who the mastermind was behind all this. I just want her to remember me and provide me with an awesome recomendation letter later. Can't blame a girl for trying! After we did the party for her I found out I got a 98 on the midterm exam!

Came home to find out that more money was disbursed into my student loan account. Whew!

Emeline was eating a Popsicle and lost her first baby tooth! We were all a bit freaked and called the dentist on the weekend who told us that age 6 is the time kids begin to loose their teeth. She will be 6 in 2 weeks! An exciting milestone indeed! She was happy to receive $$$$ under her pillow!

The PV christmas party was lovely and homey. Another succesful and great occasion Grace!

Today I must get my school projects done for it is finals week! Ugh!

A big storm is brewing also, cold, windy, and rainy predicted for most of the week!

Happy week before Chrismas!


maybe strawberry said...

great job on your midterm wendy!

thank you again for all your help sorting through all the christmas stuff at church a few weeks ago and for all the help with the decorations this weekend!

do you know if it rained last night? i was sad to wake up this morning with only party cloudy skies. i was hoping for lots of rain during the day today. but now it looks even more sunny

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Which tooth did Emmeline lose? Let's see a picture!

schoolgirl said...

She lost her bottom middle one. Just talked to other Kindergarten parents and we are on schedule. At least 3 or more kids have lost teeth too! I think Grace got a picture of it.