Sunday, November 2, 2008

This and That

This was the second year we took the kids to Seaworld to Trick or Treat. I have to admit that for all the hype it was a bit disappointing. Last year the kids had a long path and lots of stops. There buckets were overflowing with toys, magnets, and fun candies. This year there were only 10 short stops in a circle with only half a dozen candy selections and no extra toys or goodies. They had booths set up along side the treat path with cookie decorating, games, candy, etc. But you had to PAY for all those things. For as much money as they charge to get in, they should have had all the stuff for kids FREE. Noah was sad and disappointed and said "is that all of the trick or treating?" The kids did have fun, so that made the trip worth it I guess. Daddy was nice and took the kids to half a dozen houses so they could finish filling their buckets. We didn't get near as many treaters at the door I think 20 was all. Great. Now we have lots of candy to eat, well, preserve for the next pinata! He he! Saturday we went to PV for church. In the pm. we went celebrated my dad's 65th birthday! Today was overcast so it was the perfect day to be a bum and enjoy the indoors! Of course I did do some chores between the lounging. It just felt so wonderful to SLEEP IN! And so another week and new month begin! Cheers!


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

I guess the economy is hurting everyone, even Sea World! It's ok, though, less is better in the candy department!

maybe strawberry said...

i was just gonna say what mama of 2 hapas said. everyone is hurting now