Monday, November 17, 2008

Black Friday Sales

I have stated before how I needed some clothes since my weight loss, which by the way I have finally met my goal! I am the size I was when I met my hubby. Total weight loss 45 pounds and back to size 8-10. Lovin it! The stores are hurting for business and are putting the Thanksgiving sales on BEFORE then. I supported them and had a lovely time at Sears last night. Merry Christmas to mommy! Got 2 pair of casual pants, a black skirt, holiday sweater, bra, and 2 sweats for Noah for 90 bucks! Would post pictures but my computer is acting up. I feel really happy that all that is left to buy are a few toys for the kids and we are done with our holiday shopping BEFORE thanksgiving this year. Then I can really sit back relax and enjoy the holidays! Now it is off to study for another final and laundry! Still having 80 degree weather here! Happy new week!


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Yay for shopping. JCPenney's had a great sale up here yesterday, but I was too tired to keep looking for myself by the time I discovered it.

maybe strawberry said...

yay for sales! and how great you lost all that weight

Mama Bear said...

Great job on the weight loss and woo hoo on the shopping!