Sunday, November 30, 2008

All done and waiting for Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of year! The kids and I spent all weekend decorating the house. It looks so pretty and festive! Daddy will do the yard and set up the exterior tomorrow or this week. I just love to enjoy and savor all the details for as long as possible. Didn't attempt to be part of the crazy black Friday madness. My shopping is all done, before Thanksgiving this year. Just got to wrap the stuff! It was wonderful to have a weekend to just lazy around and watch old flicks on the T.V. Today I took Emeline to a birthday party at Peter Piper's pizza. Tomorrow will be back to getting up early and pushing hard to get Emeline and I done with school till the 2oth. Happy December!

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maybe strawberry said...

noah called me yesterday and told me your house was all decorated and the tree was up. i can't wait to see it!