Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This and That

Got a moment to say a few words. Weekend was busy but fun with church, birthday party, and Adventurers. I had my midterm last night and only 1/4 of what she prepped us for was actually on the test. She said we all looked like toast and we all got to go home after the test! Whoo hoo! I went with the Kindergarten class to the fire station. The kids were lined up, listened, and behaved quite nicely. I was impressed. Fall hasn't officially kicked in here yet. The last two weeks have been HOT reaching the 80-90 range. I do love my sun, but am looking forward to more fall like temperatures. I thought my allergies were acting up, but last night I think I have sprung a cold. I am downing the herbs, garlic, and vitamins! Hopefully it will pass fast. Happy October!! Note: New Survey
Black Kitty


Shadow eX said...

Allergies are getting pretty bad up here. Not fun being around a sensitive baby and wife. Hope you did well on your exam.

Chris said...

Happy October to you too.