Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ready 4 School

Day began with a lovely breakfast at the B. grandparents. There were some relatives visiting that the kids and I had never seen. The Barizo's are a very BIG clan. Great way to start off the day! Rest of day was spent labeling, ironing, and washing everything for Emeline to start school in 2 days!!! I am glad they wear uniforms. It will just make getting ready in the morning so much easier. Navy bottoms and a plain white or red polo shirt. Friday is "spirit day" and the kids can wear jeans and T-shirt. Emeline chose a Disney princess lunch box and a Dora the Explorer backpack. She seems to have a bit of girly girl in her after all! We have been doing great getting to bed on time, but not so good on the morning prep. At least we have 2 days of practice left. Hi ho hi ho it is story time and off to bed we go! Mommy and daddy need to be getting to bed earlier too! Night night!

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