Friday, July 18, 2008


Hooray for Friday and the weekend again! It has been a busy yet fun week. My class ends in two weeks and the teacher continues to flood our email with power points and projects. Just a whirlwind of crazy till the end. The kids have been enjoying V.B.S this week. I went 2 times and I have to say that El Cajon did a fantastic job. They went all out and I think this is the best V.B.S. I have seen. Can't wait to see the kids do their finale on Sabbath. The mechanic called about the washer. The part is in and it will be fixed today! We decided that since it was just the timer on the washer that was recalled to wait it out and see if the new part makes a difference. If not then we will take the machine back. Much to do today so I can relax and enjoy the weekend! Have a great one everyone!


Mama Bear said...

Will the VBS kids be performing during the worship service tommorrow? Definetly can't be late for that. See you and your family tommorrow!

chris said...

I love weekends. I love VBS, too.