Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our cute and cozy Abode

We have been S L O W L Y working bit by bit to fix up our house ever since we moved into it almost 9 years now. Well, it is finally looking like a cute and cozy place which I am proud to call home. We started with fixing the kitchen. That is my favorite place in the house! This week we put our energies into fixing up the living room! We painted, put up some curtain skirt things, and redecorated a bit. Thank God for warranties. With our luck everything seems to break after they expire. Well, my new Maytag washer has been acting up. The temperature setting seems to be doing the opposite. It is only a month old. The repair man came and ordered us a new controller. I hope that solves the problem. Happy to get the problem handled BEFORE the warranty ends. Happy week and weekend!


maybe strawberry said...

can't wait to see your house this saturday

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

They don't make things in China like they used to in the USA!!!