Thursday, July 24, 2008


I just knew it was too good to be true when Monday was such a fabulous day to expect all the rest of the week to be perfect too! When I went into the garage to do the laundry today I heard a cat meowing. Thought it was just some stray using our garage for cover. I was so sad to find out it was OUR sweet cat! He was crying in pain and his leg was bent back. He limped out and let me get him. I can't tell if his leg is broken or sprained. My husband says we don't have money to fix him. His solution to the problem was to go out and buy kitty litter and baby tylonel and borrow a baby gate to separate him from the dog. He has been sleeping and imobile most of the day wanting to hide under the bed. He isn't crying too much in pain. He is eating and drinking normally. I have been watching and observing him all day. He is too young and to put him to sleep would be just mean. So I am very sad. I think it is more mean to let the cat suffer and be crippled for the rest of its remaining 9 lives. Then, I ordered some appliance covers for the kitchen stuff we have out on the counters and they were all too small! Ugh. Sorry but it has been a bummer of a day.

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maybe strawberry said...

oh no!!! poor freckles!!!! i dont know what advice to give you! i wish i had money to give to you to take him to the vet. poor thing!