Sunday, June 1, 2008


I only had duties for the AM at church. Then our fam headed to Seaworld. The kids had been begging all week to go see the "new playground." When we passed through the parking gate we were given a free blue license plate holder, just for real pass holders. It was no surprise that the park was super busy. We had to park in the dirt lot which we have never had to do before. It was a beautiful day in the 70's and I was just so happy to be outdoors. I didn't mind the crowds. We were able to see 2 shows, go through 2 exhibits, and the sky tower ride, and the playground. I was happy we got to do that much in just a couple hours. The wait for the rides was about 40 minutes equivalent to what you wait at Disneyland. The kids chose the spinning sea stars. Let me tell you. I love the teacup ride, but this blew them out of the water as far as more speed and excitement. You get to spin your cup BEFORE the ride even starts. Then add that to the rotations and oh my gosh. What a rush! Super fun! Remo and I climbed the ropes with the kids too. That is the same just new bright shades of paint. I got to hug and talk to my favorite Sesame Street character the cookie monster. We were on the sky tower at sunset, how romantic! Today I spent at Henry's. I love picking fresh and yummy eats. Rest of day I spent organizing my office and crafts. I have become a lot more crafty since being at home. I bought the cutest stackable craft boxes called Snapware from Costco. Tomorrow will be a ME day as I plan to get a much needed spa pedicure for my aching feet. I feel refreshed and revived and ready to face the week and new month too! So bring it on!


Mama Bear said...

Have fun at your pedi. They are so relaxing. Oh, my book came in a couple of days ago, but haven't had the chance to read it yet.

maybe strawberry said...

we missed you guys on saturday, but glad to hear you had a wonderful time with your family. i hope you enjoyed your pedicure today!