Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Celebrations

We ended Adventurers with a bang. Our investiture was this weekend. The kids were all so cute. I couldn't help to get a bit emotional. Everyone graduated and got an award and patches. When I asked Noah if he wanted me to hold his stuff he gave me a firm "NO, these are my squares." Emeline too treasured her medal. Kids are so funny. They treasure the cheap and simple things. We had a ladybug theme party for Noah. He finally said it feels like he had a birthday. We did have a celebration early in the week on his real day, but to him it wasn't real because there was no "party." He loves his jumpy jump. We only take it out once a year for birthdays, but man we have sure gotten our money out of that thing. Weather has been humid and hot. I think we are in for a hot hot summer. Hope everyone has a good week!

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maybe strawberry said...

we had a wonderful time at noah's bday party!