Thursday, March 13, 2008

No Pain No Gain

I have survived my diet and exercise program for a week. It is getting easier to find and calculate things to consume. I think I got that part down with no problem. The only hard part is the hunger pains in between meals and trying NOT to indulge in binge snacking. I am on a strict cardio workout--mainly walking for now 3 days a week a mile. I do strength and weight training the other 2 days. Yup bought me some weights and a stretch cable fitness thingy. My muscles are a hurting a bit. I just wish I could see results. I keep looking at the scale everyday and saying "ugh, nothing is changing yet." I think I will put the scale away and only check it once a week. I just want some satisfaction that what I am doing is indeed worth it and I want those pounds to start shedding.
Bench Press

Other then that just been busy back in school. I really love my class, too bad it is ending in 2 weeks already. Having a new class once month is intense, but I like it. I have always loved school. What a nerd I know. While juggling all my mommy and wife duties, studious is still in me, getting A's. Yea!
Happy TGIF and weekend!
Weekend BBQ


Mama of two hapas said...

I used to like school, too, until Dental I get sick to my stomach thinking about taking a class! (I don't even like going to Ryan's school!) ;( Doing good with the diet...keep on going!

tiffany said...

Stick with it! You'll never see results if you quit.

Chris said...

That is great! Even if you don't see imediate results, they are there. Don't give up!

maybe strawberry said...

sounds like you are off to a good start!! yes, don't give up, you'll see results eventually