Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Hump Day

Is it me or does this year and the months seem to be zooming by at super speeds? Nothing much going on except I am back in school. Sucks cause I have a night class from 5:30-10 two nights a week. Loaded up on Starbucks I was able to stay wired. The class has only 10 people in it. The teacher is a guy who is laid back and easy going. It is only for a month, so that isn't bad. The class is interesting, all about teamwork and collaboration in the workplace. We have another tenant for our back rental. I am not spilling the beans on this one, but you may find out this weekend. I hate cancer!!!!! My old boss (the older lady) found out her husband is terminal. Keep the Blasingame family in your prayers. I signed up to be a volunteer in the fall for the 3 day breast cancer walk. We need to find a cure and stop the cancer madness!

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maybe strawberry said...

sorry about the late class. i'm curious to find out who is renting the other room! i hate cancer too! it's so common now a days