Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I really really wanted to be able to post pictures, but my hubby is sending his old HP computer back and I don't know how to do them on this one. Promise soon. So I will update with words, trying to make it interesting.

I saw the doctor and he took out any stitches that hadn't dissolved. Whew. Imediant relief. I continue to heal and get better each day, but I go into mommy overload and tend to overdo things and then find myself in pain and in bed again the next day. It really kind of is hard to rest when you are the "keeper of the fort". The kids are fully taking advantage and have been extremely on the naughty side since mom isn't as quick to react. My patience is so thin. Guess I just need to suck it all up and it should only be a couple more weeks till I am back to my full set of steam and power!

My hubby has been so wonderful to me and the way he has stepped up to help has been amazing! Maybe I should have more surgeries!!!! J/K So, for Valentine's Day I did some fun things. For dinner I made lasagna spirals filled with 4 cheese and brocoli. We had spinach salad, and aspargus parmesan. Kids were put to bed at 9. I took a catnap too. Awoke at 11 and scrambled to continue the fun. I made a trail of silk red rose petals from the hubby's office to the bathroom and to the fireplace. I put a note trail of directions on the doors of his office and along the trail. He had to shower first and wear his special Chubby and Dangerous night shirt. There was a little stuffed Valentine puppy in the bathroom. Then he had to follow the trail of roses to a lit fire where the wife was waiting and wearing her Better then a box of chocolates night shirt. There was a small picnic table with a heart shaped spread. There were champagne glasses with orange soda and strawberry wine coolers. Chocolate crispy treats, and candies were all over the table. The best was a heart shaped picnic basket with chocolate covered strawberries! (Thanks Grace). We stayed up till 4 a.m. watching romantic flicks on the T.V. The hubby got me a very yummy Marie Calendar lemon custard pie!

And that will be a wrap for now! Hey, it is almost the weekend again! Hope you had a great short week!


maybe strawberry said...

it sounds like you had a very nice and romantic valentines evening. that is so thoughtful of you to plan and set all that up

tiffany said...

Glad you are doing better!