Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rejuvenated :-)

The first week of the New Year was busy. We had some long awaited friends and family in town. We went to Seaworld, the boat show, eating out, and just enjoyed the sights that good old San Diego has to offer. It's funny that we live in such a fine city, but only go out to appreciate it when guests arrive. Emeline is at that transition age where she is out of the size 4 and officially into size 5. However most stores don't carry just size 5. The 5/6 are more proportioned for the age 6. Anyhow, I had a fantastic shopping spree at Sears using all her b-day $$$$$. Everything was 50 to 60% off! Of course I had to pick and pick through racks but I was so overjoyed to find 4 alfits of pants and shirts, and a gorgeous Sabbath dress all for 73 bucks!!! So many cute and girly clothes for by grown up girl and at such fabulous prices!

I have already shared how I want my main goal for the year to eat healthier. Well, lately some divine intervention has been waking me up at the early morning hours. So, I decided to listen to the still small voice and heed its calling. My daily routine is now this: Wake up, spend time in Scripture, read a parenting book (really good good ask me for it if interested), go for a brisk morning walk around the block, then eat a bowl of oatmeal with fruit. I also decided since Emeline will be attending school it is time to get into school routine and training so it won't be so hard later. I made 2 job charts, one for mommy and daddy and one for the kids. In the evening they can get stickers on their chart for doing their jobs. I also posted scripture around the house with pictures (for kids understanding). With this more positive prospective and outlook I am finding the general tone and attitude of the family is more calm, relaxed, and it makes for a much smoother day! Not to say that trials and kinks get in the way like loosing our camera, getting a bruised and busted lip from your son, or encountering rude drivers on the road. But I am able to not be so uptight and just breathe and let things go. As a new week begins I wish and pray many blessings to you all!


tiffany said...

Very nice. Sounds like 2008 is shaping out to be a great year.

maybe strawberry said...

sorry we missed sea world with your guys. i worked on new years day.

it's nice to have daily routine. i find when i start the day right, it ends up a better day. some days when i eat crap for breakfast i don't really feel like exercising that day or eating well for the rest of the day. it sounds like you are organized and getting your family on track.