Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well at the current moment I am giddy and full of enthusiasm as the Chargers win again! It was also a good Sabbath and Adventurer meeting this weekend. I am just giddy and happy. Plus the sunshine is full and warm today! Yeah. This past week was a week of ups and downs though.

Kids have a nasty cold again. Hubby has had a bad center headache since Tuesday. I have been fighting back a sore throat. Kids have been bugging the heck out of each other really bad. Noah is the biggest tease.

We bought a new Kodak camera to replace the one we lost. It has a nice wide viewing screen. Hopefully I can load pictures soon. Our new insurance kicked in and I have an appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday. I have been using my dental guard from Wal Mart and am pleased so far. No sore jaw in the morning. I have been sticking to eating more veggies and fruits and walking for 20 minutes two days a week. I am downing the Airborne in addition to the healthy food and eating lots of vitamin C. I can't be sick if I am having surgery soon. Plus when the mom is sick it just sucks. So we will see. So far so good. Happy New Week!

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