Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oh no!

Emeline was whimpering and lethargic all day. She never naps and took a power nap for about 2 hours. Barely ate any breakfast. Late afternoon she finally told me her stomach and head hurt. She had fever of 100. Gave her some children's Advil cause that is all I have on hand. She took it and some drink. About 10 minutes later she upchucked alot! Oh no! Sounds like the super bug has hit us now too! Yuck! So far Emeline is the only one sick, but I just know it is most likely to attack us all sooner or later. Hubby is at Cox main office till midnight and gets to escape all the nasty for now. Lucky him. He can take the midnight sick shift. If we are going to be sick it is better to get it over with now so we can have a fun and nice Christmas! :-/

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maybe strawberry said...

poor thing. i'll stop by tomorrow