Saturday, December 1, 2007

December is Finally Here

Happy December everyone! Whew what a busy first day it was. I had SS duties and potluck duties. We had Doug Batchelor live and in person at PV. The only other time I have seen the church with standing room only was at our wedding! :-) I love how beautiful the church decorations are each year. Reminds me of our wedding oh 8 years ago. Potluck was a mad house. There were 50 guests traveling with Doug Batchlor then all the PV people and vistors. I scrubbed dishes for over an hour. Came home to start a paper for school. Then it was off to Grace and Peter's party. Thanks for a fun time guys. Now it is cram to get my paper in by midnight and pack for our 3 day vacation to Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland. Yahoo. We will be back sometime on Tuesday night. :-)P
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maybe strawberry said...

had a good time with you guys at the party. glad you were able to stay longer than you had planned. hope you are having a good time!