Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Taking a Break........

I just needed to take a refreshing break from writing papers. I would much rather blog instead. Went to observe at the Stein Education Center in Mission Gorge today. The students are age 8-22 and basically have really severe emotional, behavioral, or physical handicaps and have gone to public school but they are so severe they need an institution just for them. The kids are taller and stronger than most of the staff. It was a great experience but no thanks, that place is not for me. Came home and have been on the computer literally since 2 p.m. I am determined to get all my course work done before the weekend when it is due. I mean come on it is a holiday lady give us a break. If you post things early you get in trouble, if you post it late you get in trouble. Screw the directions it is Thanksgiving. No mercy or thanks from this teacher no siree. I am beginning my vacation tomorrow.

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