Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mama said there'd be Days Like This......... Mama Said Mama Said


Got up 6:30 to take a nice hot shower. Half way through the light cuts off. I yell out "Hey cut that out." Thought the kids were messing with me and my serene 20 minutes. Power outage for about 40 minutes. Not a good way to start off a morning. Don't mess with a woman while she is beatifying herself.

Got to my observation destination and tackled my first assignment. I went to tackle the 2nd observation/interview but the lady had left campus. Ug. I am already 4 assignments behind. I went to hang out and help with the special ed class I had observed a month ago. The kids flocked and were drawn to me. That made me feel so good and I know for sure I am in the right field. Since this was my last day and to thank all the staff for their help I baked cookies. The office lady was taken by surprise and overcome with greatness. Call me a suck up, but when it is time for me to look for jobs later I never know if perhaps I planted some seeds for my future.

Went to see about party options for Emeline's b-day. The place I had in mind went out of business. By the way please reserve SUNDAY DECEMBER 30 FOR EMELINE'S 5TH PARTY.

Had an advisor meeting because I can't schedule any more classes. Found out my account was blocked and I owe 900 bucks. We haven't filed for any aid help because we are waiting for our tax info still. So, because we were late in getting our aid stuff filed we now have to pay half of the 900. SUCKS!!! Then I have to begin evening classes in Dec. Another SUCKS!!!!!

Went to Wal-Mart to pick up an online order for Emeline's Adventurer uniform and found out it is too short. Well, with tights it will have to do. We are poor and I am tired of running around and finding nothing. Still have to get uniform for Noah. The stuff I thought we had and was ok was not.

Finally arrived home to a complete disaster. I am not joking. Brace yourself for graphic details.
In kitchen there was a half gallon of ice cream open, dripping, and oozing down table. Cereal boxes were ripped open and cereal was sprawled all over the kitchen. There were candy wrappers sprawled all over too. In the living room there were more candy and otter pop wrappers ripped and thrown all over the ground. Markers, legos, and just about every toy was lying aimlessly on the ground. All of my kitchen gadgets and mixer parts were among the mess too. There was literally no place to walk, sit or even breathe. Noah was walking around with 5 suckers in his hand and both the party bags from Jada's party were half eaten.

I don't need to go into detail about what I did the rest of the day. I was proud of myself I must say. I did mumble some undertones, but instead of wasting my breath on yelling I just threw myself into super cleaning mode. Our house is cob web and dust free at least until tomorrow anyway.

Whew. What a day1!!~! Thanks for reading. Oh, Emeline just spilled her milk. Got to go and clean up more mess. Fun fun fun. The work of a mom is NEVER DONE!


maybe strawberry said...

wow, quite a day! hope you had a good evening through

tiffany said...

Another reason I don't want kids. hahaha.

Zordmaster said...

We will put that date on our calender.

Zordmaster said...

I forgot to tell you our conversation that took place last night. So, I was reading your blog outloud to the hubby and the son. After I read the part about coming home to the aftermath............
Hubby said: Who was in charge?
Son chimed in: Emeline......
hahahha.............Anyways, it was funny at the moment because the son was serious. He wasn't trying to throw in a punchline.

maybe strawberry said...

zordmaster, that is so funny!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, so where was remo during the making of the disaster?