Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Very Long and Exhausting Weekend

The majority of the weekend was spent at home tending and caring for the hubby, trying to control and direct 2 bouncy energetic toddlers from bothering their dad and attacking each other, feeding the pets, while maintaining all the regular house duties like meals, laundry and general tidiness. Can I just say I AM POOPED AND DRAINED BOTH MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY. While the rest of the family seemed to get plenty of rest in, I have not had that privilege. I have that feel the stuffy head feeling and the onset of a cold coming on too. UGH!!!!! I am in desperate need of a VACATION!!!! Yeah right, I will just have to settle for dreaming of vacation land for now. Hmmm. Where should I go??? Any suggestions for my fantasy vacation? I would love to see Italy and Rome. At least I am grateful for the time I was able to spend with my family of 4. We watched lots of movies from DVD. We were able to sit with the B. grandparents for church and enjoy potluck with the all the families. Today there was a church picnic at the Bonita Park. Noah was in heaven because there was a HUGE jumpy jump to play in and a perfect size wee park for toddlers. Emeline had fun too especially with Nicholas. In case you are wondering, my hubby is just complaining of soreness and a bit of swelling still. But he went to church and the picnic (with his scooter of course). They say it takes about 72 hours to feel back to normal and has only been 48. I really think he needs to quit trying to get up and be the super dad that he is. Oh well, this to shall pass. In diet news, we both gave in to the junk over the weekend. And that's our weekend wrap.

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