Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mommies Play Date and Preparing for Hubby's Surgery

The mommies got together at Trimee's tonight for supper and hang out time. My kids are a bit shy and intimidated around her bouncing boys. Emeline did real well though. She is one tough girl. The roughness is right up her ally. Noah and Eli have established a bond. So cute to see Noah finally playing with other kids. The kids loved the big trampoline. The older boys of Trimee put the lawn sprinkler under the trampoline so they could jump and get wet to cool off from the heat. How creative and what a fabulous idea. I spent most of the day preparing the house for the weekend. Tomorrow is my hubby's vasectomy and I just want everything to be neat, tidy, and comfy for him. I will let you know how it goes. He has the procedure tomorrow morning at 10. Supposed to take 30 min. to an hour. I am more anxious and apprehensive than he is at this point. Got to go catch some zzzzzz's because we have to be up early.


Mama of two hapas said...

Good luck to Remo!

tiffany said...

I've always wanted a trampoline. Maybe it would help me be less uncoordinated. heh. Good luck Remo!

Wife said...

It's 11:18am now. Procedure should be over. Thinking of Remo and hope that he's not in any pain =)