Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wonderful Weekend


We all made it to SS!! Amazing! However, once we got there, Emeline wanted to come with me into the Kindergarten. Noah didn't want to be left alone in the baby SS. So, we all graduated in to the big Kindergarten room. As soon as Emeline saw her friend Kora, she left us to sit with her friend. Noah and daddy sat in the back. I had to assist with music and activities. We stayed and sat through the whole church service without having to take anyone out too. All signs of growing up! I have big kids now.

We came home and ate and napped for a bit. We had sitters (my parents) so by 4 we dropped off the kids so mommy and daddy could go out and ROMANCE for a bit. We decided to visit our favorite spot on Sunset Cliffs. Of course the spot where we had carved our names during our dating days was all gone. My hubby had always had superstitions that if it went away that meant our love would fade away. As we stood close to the spot where the names were, none of us had such silly thoughts. No our relationship is not dead or crumbling. It is still very much alive. We enjoyed watching some Polish people jump freely off the cliffs into the water. We drove further down and there were about 50 steps or more where you could walk down to the water level. We saw surfers, kayaks, sailboats, and people swimming. The water was low tide and it was fun to count the crabs and little wildlife left in the tide pools. With the water and waves, being fancy free with no responsibilities, and the total embrace of my spouse, it was a just perfect!!! We so needed that. We agreed that we would have more outings like this--at least once a month. Since I picked the outing this month, I can't wait to find out what kind of a surprise date my hubby will come up with for next month. When we got home we continued the date by watching "The Astronaut Farmer." We put the kids in the next room on the futon, and for once the hubby and I got our bed all to ourselves for the night. What a wonderful and splendid day indeed!

SUNDAY-- No major outings or plans today, just chores, and house improvements. What matters most is that over these last few days (Friday-Sunday) we have been a 9-5 family. I really like that schedule much better. I get to see my hubby and the kids get to see their daddy. I think at the end of this year, I am going to convince the hubby if he could switch his schedule to more normal hours so we can all see him more.

I can't believe I forgot to mention that Noah has joined the Big Boy club, and just like his cousin Nicholas is OFFICIALLY POTTY TRAINED!!!!!! This has been THE BEST WEEKEND I have had in a very long time!!!!! :)


grace said...

congratulations to noah for being potty trained! glad you had a romantic evening for just the 2 of you!

Wife said...

Congrats to Noah on being officially potty trained. That's one (or two) less expense!!