Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Seaworld Again

My brother has off from school this week, and I rarely get to see him. Also, daddy will have surgery this Friday and may not be able to move for a bit. We spent some time at our favorite place Seaworld. Was a beautiful day, a bit overcast, a lovely breeze, and just normal summer crowds. We never saw the circus/acrobat show before. According to Emeline it was a bit on the boring side. If you like the circus and colorful people in clown suits who dance and do stuff, then it is ok. I guess. We touched the starfish and snails. The kids just love the touchy feely stuff. The bat rays were very friendly too. They stood at the rail for a long time while we pet their heads. My hubby and I have always wanted to try the rapid ride. We thought we were so cool because we had made a raincoat out of garbage bags. The ride began nice and smooth and the raft began to turn. Then without any expectation it picked up rapid speed, then SPLASH we all were soaked in the boat. No avoiding it. At the end of the ride there was this waterfall. In most rides with a waterfall, it stops or goes off before the ride hits it. Not this ride. Everyone in the boat got DRENCHED from the downpour. So, when the ride was over, our upper halves were nice and dry, but our pant bottoms, socks and shoes were sopping wet. I guess our idea wasn't so cool after all. Yes, we did have a blast. But next time we will definitely wear a swim suit with water shoes. Emeline was mad because we had to leave the pet show so daddy could make it on time for work. She kept saying, "Say sorry to me that you made me miss my show." Little miss attitude. We have officially seen and experienced all of Seaworld. We just need to experience the night adventures. We will do that in August sometime. Well, both kids are sleeping from the trip. I better take advantage and do a few chores in my glory time. Happy last day of July!


tiffany said...

The bag idea was a good one. I pretty much just wear flip flops when I go there or Disneyland. I HATE wet socks. heh.

grace said...

sounds like a fun day! we don't get to go to sea world as much as we'd like. is remo scared about the procedure on friday?

Chris said...

Emeline ..... sounds like she is growing up.