Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hot, Humid, and Feeling Icky

Happy Birthday Auntie Valerie!!!!!!

So, it continues to be hot, sticky, and humid again today. I feel so icky. I woke up with a runny nose and stuffy head. I feel like it is a cold. Weird to get sick in such heat. Also, Noah drank and ate some breakfast, then it all came up again. I hope it is just that he scarfed his breakfast down too fast. He has already taken 2 naps since he has been up. He doesn't have a fever, but he is very lethargic. No bouncing boy today. He is laying low. Hope it passes quickly. It sucks when the kids are sick. Besides playing nurse and mommy, I will do some summer cooking--potatoe salad, and jello salad. Emeline is enjoying her time without being bothered by Noah. I can get some quality preschool time in with her. Hope everyone has a happy hump day!!!!


Mama of two hapas said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes! I hope you're all feeling better tonight! It's hot and humid, here, even rained a bit this morning, but we're supposed to get a Thunderstorm possibly this evening...the clouds are dark enough right now, we could get some real action when the sun goes down!

grace said...

sorry you and noah aren't feeling well. hope you feel better soon!