Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hot and Homebound

It was 83 degrees at our place today!!!! And we live close to the ocean. No beautiful ocean breezes today much. We just farted (literally must be all the beans, rice, and garlic we are eating) around and tinkered around the house. I woke up and my energy level was a zero. I am not sick, but my whole body just didn't want to move or groove that much. Maybe I worked out too much the last several days cleaning. The most exciting things I did were sit in the kids swimming pool and bake a bundt applesauce cake. Thanks for all the banana tips, I think tomorrow will be banana pancake day. Rest of them are frozen for ice cream and smoothies. Weekend is just around the corner. Hooray!


grace said...

yeah, my energy level gets really low too, when it is so hot. see you this weekend!

tiffany said...

Me + extreme heat = naptime. hehe.