Monday, July 23, 2007

Beautiful Bathroom

Today I gave the bathroom most of attention. The curtain liner in the shower was stained pretty bad, and even though they are cheap, when you don't have $ you do the next best thing. I sprayed and scrubbed it with good old bleach. Above the shower along the walls are always moist and mold had grown in bad. Since I am highly allergic to that, I scrubbed and scoured the walls with the Lysol mold and mildew cleaner. The rest of the shower/tub also received a good scour treatment with comet and Clorox. Do any of you have the automatic shower cleaner that is advertised on T.V. ??? Looks like a great thing, but I am a bet sceptical. Looks like it only does a 360 in one area. I still think deep cleaning is the best. Then it was time to tackle the toilet. I love the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. Really gets the crud off and smells nice for a time after. The sink, vanity, and mirror were next. The power of Windex and comet, and a bit of bleach. Whew. What a workout. But a dirty, smelly, ugly bathroom is a pet peeve of mine big time. I wish I could have my own bathroom that was ALL MINE. It is hard when 4 people share.

Other chores included mopping the kitchen floor, washing the sheets and towels, and vacuuming. I played lifeguard while the kiddies enjoyed their little pool out back. Before dinner I was preschool teacher. This is my FAVORITE part of the day. Noah was working on his color recognition and was content with his coloring book. Emeline was working on pennies and adding. Then we were using fingers to subtract (only up to the number 5). Then it was dinner and evening. Noah is already asleep for the night. Emeline is playing with her dinosaur cave game from A.Grace and Uncum Peter. I am finally able to relax, put my sore feet up, eat some ice cream and catch up on my T.V.


grace said...

hey i did some bathroom cleaning today too!

Wife said...

Cleaning the bathroom is a BIG job. Yah for clean bathrooms!!!

tiffany said...

Yes it is! I need to do that soon...but it'll have to wait until after Comic-Con. hehe.