Friday, June 8, 2007

Unhappy mOm

Well, the pink eye did not clear up and has spread to the other eye. My fever did break, but my throat and ears hurt really bad. I also have a headache that makes me dizzy to the point that I just can't leave the bed. Been trying different over the counter meds, none are working. I am going back to the doctor tonight. Sometimes when adults get things we get it worse than the kids and recovery is longer. Whatever this stuff is I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! Sorry, but I am a very unhappy, sad, discouraged, distraught mommy. I really could use some serious cheering up. So please send me any quotes, laughs, web site addresses, that would help boost me out of my misery. Grace your call today made my day thanks. Now I can play and make all kinds of cupcakes with the extra pan! Yea. You are very kind!


Wife said...

OH NOOO!!! I am sooo sorry that it has now spread to the other eye. And that your ears and throat hurts and still feel dizzy. Man, what a doozey of a bug that you and Emeline have/had. Can you ask the MD to get a culture of whatever bug you have so that they can give you the right antibiotics for it? How are Remo and Noah feeling? Hope they don't get the same bug!!! Hope you feel better soon. GEt lots of rest this weekend.

grace said...

hi wendy, it was nice talking to you today. i hope you were able to get some answers about what's going on with you from the dr tonight. it sucks being sick!