Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pool Time

It was a cloudless day, and the sun was HOT. Packed up and headed to Grandma K.'s community pool. Noah and Emeline had the kiddie pool to themselves! Emeline has learned to swim on her back, and to blow bubbles when going underwater. Noah swam all by himself without holding onto me. Of course the pool is only 1 inch deep and he was so happy walking and swimming on his knees without much assistance. He refused to use any of the pool toys. Daddy was able to hang out with us today. The kids were so proud to show off their pool skills to their daddy. I really think Emeline is ready for professional lessons, but I am very protective mommy. Rest of afternoon was spent watching Thomas Train and Jay Jay Jet Plane. Got to go whip up some dinner now. Hope you stayed cool too!


Chris said...

I love the pool.

tiffany said...

Me too. I'm so thankful that my parents put me in classes when I was young so I'm not terrified of the water now. Sounds like the kids had alotta fun.