Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Roller Coaster Day

So today was one of those emotional roller coaster days of highs and lows. Let's begin. I woke refreshed after 8 hours of beauty rest. I was able to make a nice loaf of bread and read my devotion before the kiddies stirred. I felt good about my reading for the day and the sun shone during a brief period during my "God time." Cool. Rest of the morning just flowed and i was on the high of the roller coaster. Noon came and my mom called to say my brother left for work early and she wouldn't be coming to help and play. So, a little dip on the coaster. Not so bad, I was still heading more towards a high again. Most of you know we belong to Kaiser and have not been pleased. I was put on a surgery waiting list for some woman problems and it has been over 3 months. Still on the roller coaster high, I gave Kaiser a jingle to see how much longer and where I am at on the list. I never knew there was a direct line to the surgery list. So I called them. The roller coaster slammed and dipped so far down at this point. I was told that there was no surgery request form for me and I WASN'T IN THE SYSTEM!!!!!! Can you see why we are dropping Kaiser. So, I called the doctor receptionist and demanded to talk to the doc who saw me last and said all was done and taken care of. Of course he was gone. I said I wanted him to call me ASAP tomorrow. I am sick of being treated like a number, seeing just anyone, and people who are incompetent and can't follow through with anything. I don't even want them doing the surgery anymore for fear of them making a freaking mistake. People are not Guinea pigs or animals that you can just jerk around like that. It ain't right!!!!! My out of town friend called and we were supposed to have dinner tonight at my house by me. Her son had a 101 fever and ear infection. They are supposed to fly tomorrow. Poor thing. So, what did I do to get back on the high of the roller coaster??? I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. There was so much to do and catch up on from last weeks trip. I just went from one room to the next cleaning in a frenzy. The house literally shines and glows and that is a good feeling! I got an email from the pastor at church about a marriage seminar thingy. It is in town and the first 5 to respond the pastor would sponsor for half off. I was so excited to find out that I was #2 to respond. I have never WON anything before. So it feels so good to win. Now I just need to find the proper moment to tell my hubby. I am going to eat pasta, peas, and Grace's ice cream while I totally veg out and watch a movie or something. Kids are entertaining themselves quite nicely. It is mommy time!!!! The roller coaster is coming to a halt and pause for the day. Thanks for riding along!


tiffany said...

Sorry about the whole Kaiser thing. That is so frustrating! =(

Shadow eX said...

You need to get out of Kaiser. They seriously seem like idiots. We have been going with Sharp and have been more than happy with the level of service received. We don't like the bills we get but with the quality of healthcare, we are satisfied.

happymom said...

Yes, we are researching what to do. Heard good stuff of Sharp. Which is better a ppo or hmo??